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Business Sense is an educational Christian Money Show that aims to equip listeners with lessons on Personal Finance, business, and Stewardship. The show features interviews with some of the leading experts in the industry, who bring in a fresh perspective on financial and business manners in a simple manner.
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Personal Finance – Finding Your Money Personality

Our guest this evening is Vangile Makwakwa, the founder of Wealthy Money. She is passionate about helping people heal their money trauma so they can unlock their inner money guru and thrive, and one of the ways is through her book, “What’s Your Money Personality? Changing the way Black Families…
17 Jun 1PM 39 min

Shape Shifters – Sanda Zungu

Our Shape-Shifter today is Sanda Zungu, who joins us to talk about his life journey, including his team’s adventures in preparing for their Cape to Cairo journey, where they will cover over 12000kms driving a Mercedes-Benz W123.
13 Jun 1PM 48 min

Entrepreneurship - Noxolo Ayanda Mbanyele

Noxolo joins us to share a little bit about her business, Noxolo's Touch for Beauty and Perfection Spa (Pty) Ltd and the Father's Day Lunch that's coming up soon!
12 Jun 1PM 19 min

Tech-Tuesdays | Spiritual Impact of Digital Media Technology

The media has ingrained itself into every aspect of our life in the current digital era. We are constantly inundated with news and entertainment via social media and streaming services. But how is this constant media exposure affecting our spirituality?
11 Jun 1PM 45 min

Personal Finance – Budgeting vs Tracking Spending

Budgeting and tracking expenses isn’t hard—it’s a habit. And just like other important habit, it takes some work and repetition to go from trying to remember to do it to doing it naturally. So what is the difference between the two and how do we incorporate them into our money…
10 Jun 1PM 33 min

Shape Shifters – Timothy Oriedo

Our Shape-Shifter today is Big Data Coach, Timothy Oriedo, entrepreneur and leader in the tech and data industry. With over 1200 coaching hours logged, Timothy has left a mark across banking, telecom, retail, government, and SMEs. Timothy is also an accomplished author, lecturer, and consultant trainer. His contributions to academia…
6 Jun 1PM 38 min

Tech-Tuesdays | Ethical Concerns for the Future of AI

AI is essential across a vast array of industries, but its game-changing promise to do things like improve efficiency, bring down costs, and accelerate research and development has been tempered with worries that these systems may do more societal harm than economic good.
4 Jun 1PM 23 min

Personal Finance – Simple Money Habits that Bring BIG Results

You may know the basics of money management. That is, not spending more than you have, buying value, and saving enough for the future. But while knowing these things intellectually is one thing, implementing them on a consistent basis is quite another. So how can we take actionable steps to…
3 Jun 1PM 31 min

Entrepreneurship Profile - Mzukisi Mashaba

Today we’re speaking to Mzukisi Mashaba about his business, and we will be going through some of the lessons learnt along the way in the entrepreneurship journey.
29 May 1PM 38 min

Tech-Tuesdays | The Future of Virtual Reality in Education

Virtual Reality is becoming a powerful tool for personalized learning. VR simulations that adapt to an individual's pace and style of learning help learners grasp difficult concepts more easily. It is crucial to approach the integration process with careful planning, ongoing evaluation, and a focus on aligning VR experiences with…
28 May 1PM 34 min

Defining transformative enterprise

Thapelo Moloi speaks to ASI's Eugene Moonsamy (Vice President, Chief Programs) and Matuzalem Sukete (Logistics Director) about what transformative enterprise is and why it matters.
8 May 1PM 31 min

Personal Finance – Improving Your Credit Score

Whether you're building your credit from scratch or rebuilding after your scores have taken a hit, it's important to learn how your scores are calculated and the basic ways to improve them. Then, you can dive into more detailed guides based on your situation.
6 May 1PM 42 min

Shape Shifters – Kudzai Tinago

Our Shape Shifter, Kudzai Tinago, shares his life and career journey, including his insights on personal finance and his own relationship with money.
2 May 1PM 40 min

Tech-Tuesdays | The Future of Social Media Marketing: Emerging Platforms & Trends

Social media has come a long way since its inception. As more and more people use social media platforms, businesses have realized the potential of social media marketing to connect with customers, drive engagement, and increase revenue. With the rise of new social media platforms and the changing behaviour of…
30 Apr 1PM 24 min

Personal Finance – Basics of Money Management

Each of us has our own particular relationship with money. Some want as much of it as possible; others prefer to live simply on minimal resources. Perhaps most of us fall somewhere in the middle. Most people find dealing with personal finances a chore, or are even fearful of finding…
29 Apr 1PM 37 min
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