HOT 102.7FM Hot Cares Christmas 2022

Hot Cares Christmas 2022

Changing the life of someone who desperately needs a bit of Christmas cheer
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Hot Cares Christmas – Star Pupil Gets the Gift of a Varsity Education

Hot Cares has been sponsoring the high school education of Unathi Tong the past three years and she has exceeded everyone’s expectations, including with being named Head Girl of her school. She’s someone Hot Cares has come to know well over the last three years, since we were first approached…
9 Dec 2022 2AM 7 min

Hot Cares Christmas – Shooting Survivor Gifted Prosthetic Eye and Tools of Trade

While some people look forward to end-of-year parties and the Christmas holidays, there are others who dread this traditional time to take stock and look back on the past year’s accomplishments – or lack thereof. It’s well-documented that depression around this time of year is prevalent and that’s why Michael’s…
8 Dec 2022 10AM 6 min

Hot Cares Christmas – Youngster Gets the Tools He Needs

17-year-old Saul Fox has quite a story. He wants to go on to study Biomedical Engineering eventually, but before that, wants to start changing lives in South Africa, using 3D printing. Here’s how, and how Hot Cares and the Dis-Chem Foundation are helping him to do it this festive season.
7 Dec 2022 10AM 8 min

Hot Cares Christmas – Car Accident Victim Gets to Rebuild Her Life

A mother’s love knows no bounds and that’s the sense you get when you chat to Sue, who mailed us about her daughter, Tayla, who was involved in a horrific car accident in December of 2019. This is her story and how Hot Cares are stepping in to make a…
2 Dec 2022 10AM 8 min

Hot Cares Christmas – Autistic Boy Gets to Stay in School

Imagine waiting 15 years for your child to express their love for you? Well, that’s what Tahrn has been through, as the mother of a non-verbal autistic boy, Joshua. Their story will tug at your heartstrings, so check out their details here and see what the Hot Cares Christmas is…
2 Dec 2022 2AM 5 min

Hot Cares Christmas – Daughter’s Prayers are Answered

Here at Hot Cares, we really do see some heart-warming stories with ‘family’ at the centre of them, and that was definitely the feeling we got when Natasha’s email reached us. In particular, this line caught our eye - “Can someone please assist with a jail break from an old…
1 Dec 2022 10AM 7 min

Hot Cares Christmas – PhD Student Gets to Complete Her Studies

It’s always nice when you come across someone who goes out of their way to look out for someone else, and that’s the case with all our Hot Cares Christmas stories. It really does restore your faith in humanity and that’s definitely the case with Professor Donald Cowan at the…
1 Dec 2022 2AM 6 min

Hot Cares Christmas – Pensioner Gets the Gift of Sight this Christmas

The gift of sight is something we all take for granted, but not Johan du Bruyn and certainly not his wife of 37 years, Debbie. They are both pensioners in their late-60s and they’ve fallen on hard times, with Johan’s eyesight the most pressing issue. Find out how Hot Cares…
30 Nov 2022 10AM 4 min

Hot Cares Christmas – Noku’s Pain Eased this Christmas

Single mother Noku really has been through the ringer, and it’s stories like hers that really pull at the heartstrings. Losing two siblings in the space of a couple of weeks and being handed the responsibility of looking after their children, as well as her own, and all of this…
30 Nov 2022 1AM 4 min

Hot Cares Christmas – Emphysema Sufferer Gets Invertor to Combat Loadshedding

Loadshedding has had such an enormous impact on all our lives, and we’re sure that just about everyone has a frustrating story. But, most of those frustrating occurrences are not life-threatening. So, spare a thought, then, for pensioners Debbie and Dennis. Here is their story and how Hot Cares is…
29 Nov 2022 10AM 4 min

Hot Cares Christmas – Mother of Disabled Boy Gets a Helping Hand

Hot Cares really does come across some incredible people, as we look to make a meaningful difference to the lives of those around us. Most of these incredible people are selfless, putting the needs of others ahead of their own, and that includes parents of special needs children, such as…
29 Nov 2022 12AM 5 min

Hot Cares Christmas – Selfless Aunt Given Some Breathing Space

Selfless people are everywhere, but they don’t often receive the credit they are due. Claudia is such a person and her story reached us via her friend, Gail, who told us how she has stepped up to the plate as a responsible aunt and guardian angel to two kids, who…
28 Nov 2022 10AM 6 min

Mom and Daughter Given a Chance at a Normal Life this Christmas

Sometimes there are stories you hear that defy comprehension and you just can’t get your head round how unfortunate some people are. But, that was the reaction from everyone at Hot Cares when Penny’s email about Sally and Jane (not their real names) reached us – a story that affected…
28 Nov 2022 12AM 5 min