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Join Doreen Loubser with this exclusive Podcast looking into the life of slain Gqeberha mother Vicki Terblanche as we take a closer look at her journey to justice.

The first series will discuss the days leading up to the murder and all the twists and turns that followed.

It will include a detailed summary of the State's case against the accused as well as an introduction to some of the State witnesses.

Join us on this exclusive Algoa FM news podcast where we will take a journey together until a verdict is reached.

Please note that this case is still ongoing and will be updated as the story unfolds.

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Part 12: The legal team

In Episode 12 of Journey to Justice, Doreen Loubser puts the focus on Terblanche's legal team. The two men, Alwyn Griebenow and Peter Daubermann have built up quite the client list over the last 30 years and will now be fighting for Arnold's life and his freedom.

Part 11: The Letter

In today's episode, Doreen goes back to a time when Vicki was still alive and highlights an important piece of evidence that was sent to the Family Advocates handling her divorce.

Part 10: The Narcissist

In the latest episode, Doreen chats to Gqeberha Psychologist Dave Swart about narcissism and how we slap those labels onto alleged killers. He will also talk about the impact incarceration would have on a narcissist and what mental health support is offered in prison.

Part 9: Interfering with witnesses

In the latest episode, Doreen gives some insight as to why Arnold's bail application based on new facts was unsuccessful and why the Magistrate felt that he had the propensity to interfere with witnesses.

Part 8: The Girlfriend

In a brand new episode, Doreen puts the spotlight on Arnold's girlfriend. Krystal and how her life has changed since becoming a State Witness

Part 7: “The Friendship”

In this episode, Doreen Loubser unveils the identity of who the state called Mr A and how he managed to convince Arnold Terblanche to pay him more than half a million Rand.

Part 5: The Whistleblower

In this episode, Doreen Loubser talks about casually speaking to an unknown person who would give her the scoop of her career.

Part 6: A visit to St Albans

In this episode, Doreen Loubser tells the story of how she travelled to the St Albans Prison where Arnold Terblanche appeared on new charges.

Part 3: The Car Accident

In this episode, Doreen Loubser looks into a fatal accident in 2021 involving murder-accused Reinhardt Leach, who miraculously survived.

What Was Discussed?

In this episode Doreen Loubser looks at all the charges faced by the three men in custody for Vicki Terblanche's murder and more details on how she died and what possibilities were discussed to get rid of her body.

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