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Just Skin Deep?

A biweekly podcast about the transformative power of plastic surgery and its impact on people's lives.
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4 Episodes

Want to look younger? Aesthetics might be for you

If you’re in the market for a younger and more rejuvenated you, there’s no time like the present. This is according to specialist dermatologist Dr S’lindile Ndwalane, who joins Gomie Seabi on the fourth episode of Just Skin Deep.
25 Jul 2023 21 min

Princess (9) has nearly 10 surgeries for a new smile

Princess Mchunu is only nine years old and has already had seven life-changing surgeries. She recalls her most recent surgery and says she wants to be a plastic surgeon when she's older so that she can help others like her. She's joined by her mother, Sylvia Mchunu, and the Smile…
28 Jun 2023 30 min

How to access lifesaving weight-loss surgery at a public hospital

Gastric bypass surgery is not only reserved for the wealthy. The weight-loss surgery is available at select public facilities. In episode two of Just Skin Deep? - a podcast about the transformative power of surgery and its impact on people's lives, host Gomie Seabi speaks with surgeron Dr Ramsey Maluleke.
6 Jun 2023 25 min

No man paid for my body - Inno Morolong

No man paid for her body and she’s proud to say it! In a tell-all interview with Gomie Seabi, reality TV show star and socialite, Inno Morolong gives us insight into her 360 plastic surgery procedures.
30 May 2023 20 min