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Welcome to Comexposed- We talk about all things African digital art including animation as well as comics and delve into the world of African digital media such as games, movies and tech. Comexposed is a media brand of Kay Media Africa and representing the collective effort of Digital artists in Zimbabwe and Africa showcasing their work, progress and Dreams.
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Comexpoaed Podcast Season 1: Season Finale: Get to us know us

Hey, everyone! This is the last episode of our podcast for this season, and we want to share a little bit about ourselves. You've been awesome listeners and supporters for the past 10 weeks, and we really appreciate your feedback and comments. We hope you enjoy this episode. And don't…
20 Sep 2023 29 min

Comexposed Podcast Season 1 EP 07. Wokeism, is it a trap?

This week we are talking about woke-ism and whether we consider ourselves woke. Woke-ism is a term that refers to the awareness of social and racial justice issues and the willingness to challenge the status quo. Some people see it as a positive and progressive movement, while others see it…
31 Aug 2023 26 min

Comexposed Podcast Season 1 EP 06 : Cancel Culture: Is it justified?

In this episode, we discuss cancel culture and whether it's justified. Cancel culture is the phenomenon of withdrawing support or calling out public figures who have done or said something offensive or problematic. Does cancel culture exist in Zimbabwe? Join the conversation and tell us what your thoughts are on…
24 Aug 2023 28 min

Comexposed Show Season 1 EP 05 | Is diversity and inclusion killing storytelling?

In this episode, we're talking about how diversity and inclusion affect storytelling in movies. We think this is a very important topic because movies are a powerful medium to reflect and shape our culture and society. Movies can also inspire and educate us about different perspectives and experiences that we…
17 Aug 2023 33 min

Comexposed Show Season 1 EP 04 | There is no African accent

In this episode, we're discussing the generic Africa accents and how Hollywood should do more research before using it in movies and TV shows. You know what we mean, right? That vague, non-specific accent that is supposed to represent a foreign character, but actually sounds like a mix of different…
10 Aug 2023 26 min

Season 1 Episode 03 | Gaming the next big thing in Africa?

Gaming in Africa is booming like never before. With more and more people getting access to the internet and smartphones, the gaming industry is seeing a huge surge in demand and popularity. Could this mean gaming is the next big thing in Africa? In this episode we chat with Nkosilathi…
3 Aug 2023 33 min

Season 1 Episode 02| A.I Are we doomed or are we doomed?

In this episode we discuss AI and its impact on our careers as African creatives. Are we doomed or are we doomed? Also with most AI apps being inaccessible in Zimbabwe and most African countries we discuss an AI app built for Africa that is being led by Zimbabwean devs!…
27 Jul 2023 22 min

Season 1 Episode 01| African Gen Z Reaction to Kizazi Moto & Threads

Comexposed podcast is here! and on this debut episode, your hosts Gerri the Free Spirit and Africuz.png discuss Kizazi Moto: Generation Fire, an African animated series that launched on Disney Plus on 5 July 2023. Yes, African content to the world!!! But there's one thing that is bothersome: it's not…
20 Jul 2023 18 min