This show will ask the difficult questions, we will ask the uncomfortable questions, we will ask the important questions and we will not give up until we get the answers we want even if it takes us 40 days and 40 nights. What we want is God to lead us through this wilderness. Many faith communities have used their own ways to life, at Sinai, we seek God’s way. We will invite as many men and women of God who dare to take the rod of Moses be a Moses to us. The host, Naye Lupondwana is not a pastor, not a theologian, and not special in any way. That guarantees the authenticity of the questions, questions you want to ask but don’t know how to, or whom to ask, or are afraid to ask. This seasoned broadcaster brings his wealth of experience to AWR to be your servant sojourner to walk with you from Sinai and to Canaan, all the way from broadcast to baptism.
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What is the Spirit of Prophecy

Naye Lupondwana discusses with Brother Eddie Moyo what the spirit of prophecy is and why the writings of Ellen G White are part of the spirit of prophecy.
27 Jul 2 hr 20 min