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Aisha Baker is the host and star of her very own lifestyle podcast. She is a force to be reckoned with – An award winning Influencer, A hustling entrepreneur but more importantly a Super Mom and Wife. Get to know her story and get to know the stories of her guests who often inspire her beyond belief. If you are into the world of social media or just want to hear good inspirational conversations – then we highly recommend this podcast.
Occasionally English South Africa Fashion & Beauty
19 Episodes

Melissa Delport - Breathing Exercise

Author, holistic health coach, private chef and friend Melissa Delport joins Aisha and her Pink Table friends and delivers a breathing exercise you can do at home.See for privacy information.
22 Feb 2022 10 min

Pink Table Talks

Aisha sits down with her besties Tash Barth and Shezan to discuss their spiritual sides - from inner demons, to toxic traits and how they unwind and handle day to day life See for privacy information.
22 Feb 2022 27 min

Zuraida Jardine

On this episode Aisha speaks to one of her closest friends and inspirations: Zuraida Jardine. There are not enough words for us to write about Zuraida. She has lived and still continues to live a very eclectic and spiritual life and on this episode she shares so may wonderful stories…
20 Sep 2021 52 min

Aisha O'Reilly

Aisha Baker is back with a new season of Baked The Podcast. Today she sits down with her namesake Aisha O'Reilly who is an award winning mommy-blogger. They speak about being strong women and their own pregnancy journeys.See for privacy information.
1 Aug 2021 50 min

Rachel Kolisi

Aisha sits down with fellow mom Rachel Kolisi. They chat about hating the word 'Wag', working at an Air BnB, Approaching friendships, her thriving business venture and the scrutiny of being married to a rugby world cup winning captain.See for privacy information.
30 Jul 2020 38 min


In this episode Aisha speaks about post-partum depression with the team from Oh Baby WTF who help moms who suffer from post-partum depression. This episode was recorded awhile ago but it features Clinical psychologist Carly (On The Couch with Carly) and Genevieve Putter a Post Partum Doula.See for privacy…
9 Jul 2020 1 hour

My Dad Waleed Baker

In the spirit of Fathers Day I got to sit down with my dad. Not only is he an accomplished businessman but he reflects on how he shaped and honed his business acumen. Plus he throws in some great tips and his love for sport and marketing.See for privacy…
18 Jun 2020 33 min

Nabilah Kariem and Sulaiman Peck Part 2

In Part 2 Nabilah and Sulaiman talk about the purpose of their business, the effect of new social media platforms and howthey plan to navigate the Corona VirusSee for privacy information.
6 May 2020 32 min

Nabilah Kariem and Sulaiman Peck Part 1

Today i speak to the entrepreneurial influencer couple about how they met and how they made a business from what they had going for them. It is incredibly insightful and thought provoking and I just love how these two create and work!See for privacy information.
30 Apr 2020 25 min

Aneeka Buys aka FitGirlZA

I sit down for a fun chat with my cousin Aneeka who is not only a fitness guru but a mother and wife. We chat about her journey and how her goal is to make people feel great about their body and themselves.See for privacy information.
21 Apr 2020 35 min

Andrew Murphy

I speak to my really good friend Andrew about his career as a content creator/swimming instructor/coffee shop owner. He opens up about being bullied at school and also tells us how he makes his content.See for privacy information.
14 Apr 2020 31 min

My husband Wayne Parnell

I sat down and had a honest convo with my husband Wayne Parnell about his cricket career, fatherhood, how me met, why the Caribbean means so much to us and what the future holds for him post cricket. See for privacy information.
7 Apr 2020 37 min

Aqeelah Harron Ally aka Fashion Breed

I chat to Aqeelah Harron aka Fashion Breed about her journey as one of South Africa's top Influencers, her new soon to be released E-book, her battle with PCOS and share some lovely stories of our friendship throughout the years.See for privacy information.
29 Mar 2020 35 min

Talya Goldberg

Today I talk to social media guru and whizzkid Talya Goldberg. She’s recently left Seattle Coffee as head of their social media but I spoke to her when she was still with the coffee company. It is a very interesting conversation about the blogosphere and more. EnjoySee for privacy…
20 Dec 2019 59 min

Kim Windvogel

Today I spoke to Kim Windvogel who is an author, poet and activist. She is a co-founder of Femme Projects which is an NGO dealing with sexual and reproductive health rights and educationSee for privacy information.
20 Dec 2019 52 min

Melissa Delport

Today on my podcast I speak to Food stylist, photographer and health coach Melissa Delport. It was interesting and inspiring to hear her food journey. Enjoy.See for privacy information.
20 Dec 2019 57 min

Rabia Ghoor

Rabia is a beauty entrepeaneur and owner of the brand SWIITCH BEAUTY. She is just 19 years old and started her flourishing beauty brand in her teens! Find out about her journey on this episode of Baked The Podcast.See for privacy information.
20 Dec 2019 51 min

Giselle Esau

Today I spoke to Giselle who is the brand director at Zando and the Girl boss of the agency Mighty and The Mercy. Listen to her insights about influencer culture and the hardwork behind the scenes in such a bust industry.See for privacy information.
18 Dec 2019 47 min

Rush Tush

Aisha Baker sits down with Mom and Business Entrepreneur Rushda Moosajee aka Rush Tush. Listen to the inner workings of one of the hardest working women!See for privacy information.
18 Dec 2019 1 hr 02 min