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Welcome to FNB Growth at Home, your go-to source for inspiring stories of Namibian entrepreneurs who are making waves in the business world. Join us as we delve into the entrepreneurial spirit of Namibia, uncovering the journeys of passionate individuals who are driving economic growth right at home.

In each episode, we sit down with dynamic Namibian business owners to explore their ventures in-depth. We'll learn about the products and services they offer, gaining valuable insights into the innovation and creativity that fuel their enterprises. From tech startups and artisanal crafters to service providers and restaurateurs, we showcase the rich tapestry of businesses thriving in Namibia.

But it's not all smooth sailing in the entrepreneurial world. We also discuss the challenges these entrepreneurs face. From navigating the intricacies of market competition and regulatory hurdles to overcoming financial obstacles and adapting to changing consumer preferences, our guests share their real-life experiences and strategies for resilience.

Join us as we uncover the highlights of their entrepreneurial careers. Hear about their proudest moments, the lessons they've learned along the way, and the impact they're making on their communities and the Namibian economy. These stories of success, determination, and passion will leave you inspired and motivated to pursue your own dreams.
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Growth at Home with T&T Consultancy

TandT consultation firm provides consultation services to small-medium-sized companies, and also to individuals. Our services include office management and business consultation services, business registrations. TandT provides both corporate errands services and also individual errands services.
17 Jul 9 min

Growth at Home with Have a Heart Namibia

We sat down with Anne from Have a Heart Namibia, a charity that offers free spay and neuter services and basic medical care for dogs and cats of low and no income families in municipal townships and informal settlements throughout Namibia.
5 Jul 8 min

Growth at Home with Beso Media

We sat down with Betty Sibeso (Founder & Chief Creative Officer) and Ceclia Kauluma (Marketing lead) from Beso Media, a full-service Namibian creative agency. As a team of passionate young creatives, they strive for exceptional design and visual communication. They believe in quality branding and more so execution. Their list…
28 Jun 11 min

FNB Growth at Home with Noe Studio Namibia

Odile spoke to Stephanie from Noe Studio, a brand new clothing line that focuses on delivering quality, proudly Namibian collections that celebrate the relaxed and beautiful side of Namibian Life.
16 May 9 min

The Forge with FNB Growth at Home

We spoke to Rémy Ngamije, a man of many talents, writer, editor, creative director and now personal trainer and entrepreneur of The Forge. The Forge is a home for those who make and remake themselves through dedication, discipline, and determination despite all difficulties.
9 May 12 min

FNB Growth at Home with Myeisha Namibia

We sat down with Sandra from Myeisha Namibia for this week's installment of Growth at Home, brought to you by FNB Namibia. At MYEISHA, we and our leather handbags are all about VALUE: the value of our products and their creators, the value of YOU our customer and the value…
2 May 6 min

FNB Growth at Home with Serenity Stables

We chat to Vesta Burger from Serenity Stables Therapeutic Horse Riding. Therapeutic horse riding. also known as an Equine Assisted Activity, or Adaptive Riding is for individuals with a range of physical, emotional, cognitive, and social disabilities/challenges.
25 Apr 10 min

Episode 11: Urban Friction David Bishop

David Bishop shares about his new business venture Urban Frication. We are passionate about climbing! Enjoy a personal and familiar experience with Urban Friction. Indoor Climbing, Bouldering & Outdoor Climbing Tours in Namibia. Urban Friction was born from our passion to share the culture of climbing in Namibia. We are…
28 Mar 8 min

Episode 10 Albatross Sports Institute Lizzie Currie

Albatross Sports Institute (ASI), an emblem of dedication and vision, was founded by the passionate and forward-thinking Lizzie Currie. With a profound commitment to nurturing the growth of junior and women's golf in Namibia.
21 Mar 6 min

Episode 10: Binary City Rayno Burger

Join Rayno Burger, CEO and Co-founder of Binary City, on Radiowave 96.7 FM - Thursday, March 14th at 14h20, LIVE with the fabulous Laimi! Get a glimpse into our Namibian tech, the journey of an award winning solution - BC Time, and what's ahead for Binary City.
14 Mar 8 min

Episode 9: Mepya Festus Malakia

Mepya (derived from the Oshiwambo term) means the field for cultivating crops. Mepya –We are a technology-driven B2B startup in the food distribution and agro-processing industry, focused on empowering smallholder farmers through value addition and innovative distribution channels. Our mission is to connect food producers and buyers, enabling them to…
22 Feb 11 min

Episode 8: Move Entreprenuership Move the Economy

On this episode of FNB Growth at Home as we sit down with Maerua Mall's Marketing Executive and Business Entrepreneur, Carmen and Business Entrepreneur Corry. In our conversation, we delve into the exciting "Move Entrepreneurship Move the Economy" campaign. Find out how this inspiring initiative is providing a platform for…
11 Jan 12 min

Episode 7: Click Marius Greef

Click was born to give businesses an easy, affordable way to run their IT systems in the cloud We are here to help people easily start, confidently grow and successfully run their own ventures while we take the pain out of IT and allow you to focus on your core…
3 Nov 2023 10 min

Episode 6: JT Photography Janice Thompson

Janice Thompson is family, maternity and registered birth photographer. Let Janice capture your most intimate moment - your babies birth! Janice is a licensed Birth photographer South African Birth Photographers Association for more info - Birth photography is like hitting the pause button on the incredible journey of bringing…
26 Oct 2023 8 min
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