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AVeS Cyber Security forms part of the AVeS Cyber International group of companies. It is a specialist in industry-specific IT Governance & Architectural services, combining expert knowledge and services with leading technology products to provide comprehensive Information Security and Advanced IT Infrastructure solutions.

Over the past 24 years, AVeS Cyber Security has strategically honed its solutions and services to help businesses future-proof their IT environments against the continually evolving threat landscape while achieving their digital transformation aspirations. The company offers a leading portfolio of professional services, products, and training in security, infrastructure, and governance solutions.

Every year, the company continues to win numerous awards from some of the world’s top technology vendors, indicating competency, strength, innovation, and robustness in an industry that is fast growing in complexity due to evolving challenges, such as ransomware, advanced targeted attacks, and the Internet of Things. The more recent awards include Kaspersky’s Africa Partner of the Year 2019, 2020 and 2021, 2022 and Partner of the year, Sophos’ Public Cloud Partner of the Year 2021, and ESET’s Best in the Biz Award 2021. AVeS Cyber Security also received prominent partner statuses across its portfolio, such as Microsoft Gold Security Partner, DellEMC Gold Partner, Veeam Silver Partner, and Sophos Platinum Partner.
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10 Episodes

Risk Management: Online brand hijacking gets real

Digital fraud and brand hijacking is a massively growing business risk. In this episode, our CEO (Charl Ueckermann) shares practical tips on how companies, small and large, can protect themselves (and their customers) against digital fraud and brand hijacking. For more details, read the accompanying thought leadership article at https://bit.ly/3AlzRD5
14 Aug 2023 13 min

The true impact of Change Management on project performance

Research shows change management to be a top priority for organisations in 2022, second to building critical skills and competencies. In this episode, Isabel Adams shares her insights on leading organisations through strategic projects using change management. For more details, read the accompanying thought leadership article at https://bit.ly/3nrsaW1
31 Jul 2023 6 min

IT Strategy: What’s behind flopping IT Governance?

In this episode, we explore why IT governance sometimes fails to bridge the gap between what business wants and what IT wants. Do failures point to “bad strategy” or “bad tactics”? Our guest is Cecil Munsamy, Lead Information Security Auditor at AVeS Cyber Security. Find the accompanying thought leadership article…
12 Jun 2023 9 min

People Enablement: Because Cyber Criminals Never Sleep

In this episode, Charl Ueckermann discusses the basics you need to know about cyber security and how to create an awareness around cyber security in your organisation. For more details, read the accompanying thought leadership article at https://bit.ly/3xYGsBX
25 Oct 2021 16 min

Business & IT Strategy: Top 6 email security vulnerabilities of 2021

From poor visibility to misconfiguration, organisations struggle with many of the same email security challenges. In this episode, Charl Ueckermann highlights solutions to the most prevalent email security issues. For more details, read the accompanying thought leadership article at https://bit.ly/3ogMGtG
6 Sep 2021 17 min

Business & IT Strategy: Managing the Predictability of Cyber Risks

Organisations that follow a risk-based cyber security model are better prepared to handle cybercrime than their competitors. In this episode, Charl Ueckermann shares his insights on how to predict cyber risks and manage them proactively. For more details, read the accompanying thought leadership article at https://bit.ly/3Dfv1qp
16 Aug 2021 14 min

Risk & Compliance: How to navigate the maze that is POPIA

POPIA affords businesses many security improvement opportunities if they think beyond compliance. In this episode, Charl Ueckermann simplifies POPIA for business leaders. For more details, read the accompanying thought leadership article at https://bit.ly/3oeb3b4
24 May 2021 11 min