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US Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield

United States Ambassador to the United Nations, Linda Thomas-Greenfield talks to us during her visit to Namibia to participate in the opening of the new Embassy compound.
8 Dec 2023 8 min

Playtime Namibia is making waves

Playtime Namibia is an organisation that brings opportunity in sport to youngsters at the Coast - they were recently involved with the visit to Naibia of Global United - a soccer team composed of ex international soccer players who play exhibition matches and partake in charity events with the primary…
4 Dec 2023 16 min

Vera Looser

David finds out about Vera's magnificent year and what lies ahead.
15 Nov 2023 8 min

Equestrian Sport in Namibia

Deon has a chat with Vanessa Glovania about a recent, and a couple of upcoming events in the field of equestrian sport in Namibia.
15 Nov 2023 6 min

Diabetes Awareness Interview

With November being Diabetes Awareness Month (and World Diabetes Day on the 14th), David spoke to Dr. Nils Kock and Dietician and Diabetes Educator, Charlotte Thiele.
15 Nov 2023 30 min

Setting a new Cape to Cairo World Record

David speaks to Fritz Sitte who is planning on smashing the Guinness World Record for the fastest Cape to Cairo run, and his brother Max who is cycling the distance alongside him.
15 Nov 2023 22 min