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Nedbank | Talking Green

Talking Green, a podcast series in partnership with Nedbank.
Occasionally English South Africa Business Narrated by Mark Boshoff / Thula Zondi / Ayakha Melithafa
4 Episodes

Talking Green with Ayakha Melithafa

Ayakha Melithafa, the youngest commissioner on the Presidential Climate Commission in SA, sat down with News24 for the Nedbank podcast series Talking Green to discuss her role as a Gen Z in the fight against climate change.
5 Dec 2023 13 min

Talking Green with Nick Hedley

Energy and climate science journalist Nick Hedley recently sat down with News24 as part of Nedbank’s Talking Green podcast series to discuss how South Africa is faring in the global energy transition.
4 Dec 2023 14 min

Talking Green with Thula Zondi

Thula Zondi of GreenCape joins the Talking Green podcast to chat about some of the interesting ways SA businesses are addressing sustainability, as well as the sectors and industries benefiting from the green boom.
4 Dec 2023 10 min

Talking Green with Mark Boshoff

Mark Boshoff, Head of Climate Resilience and Sustainability Strategy at Nedbank Commercial Banking, recently sat down with News24 to discuss how sustainability funding can help take your business to the next level, as well as the return on investment it provides.
29 Nov 2023 16 min