Am I losing my "Ubuntu" because I hate the burden of black tax ft Takura Zhangazha

Jerry (the former bartendar), Miri, Mark and Onai are joined by Takura Zhangazha, a thought leader with a background inin activism for media freedom, freedom of expression, and access to information in the Southern African region. They discuss his blog that touched on the intersection between ubuntu and black tax. They ask him whether ubuntu has space for young people who do not want to "pay" black tax. They also try and figure out what white tax is, the colonial legacy of black tax and how we can avoid the cycle of black tax.. This is all in Watch the bloggers. At the beginning of the show, they touch on the deaths of actress Anne Nhira and actor Menzi Ngubane and their impact in Zimbabwe. The horror in North Samora was something that wasn't funny, but something they chuckled about. In the Feeling Station, they try to figure out Is it okay to be dating a couple of different girls at the same time? As in being taken out on dates and maybe making out with them? Is any number too large? too small, is one enough?

We have shared the link to the blog from Takura Zhangazha and the link to episode where we featured Anne Nhira in the show notes

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