Good murooras bring a small gas stove, Great ones bring caterers

Onai is joined in by Tatenda Muchopa (Choppy), Archie and Nyasha in this show recorded over the easter holiday. In this show, they discuss muroora duties, is the rebellion against it by our generation of ladies a reasonable pushback against gender roles created by our traditional patriachal systems or maybe, the girls are just cry babies who dont wanna work? The podders also review Holy Tens new song "machills" in which Onai asks the question on who has the responsibility for controllin consensual drunken behaviour, men who invite girls to "marinate" them or ladies who knowingly go to these places and just want to have a good time? (we are not mensplainig..relax). In the feeling station, We are a generation that will most likely start having families much later than our parents. So we will be much older parents. We are more educated though and probably have achieved more personal growth (development) than our parents at our age. Only thing is that having kids much older comes with the challenges of conception being tougher, energy to keep up with children and we are likely going to have a bigger generation gap.. Is this having kids later worth it?

This and so much more..