But what do Harare girls bring to the table?

Nigel and Mark join Onai in this episode which was recorded after the absence from podding that came from a sickness in the crew. They come back with the story about Nigels cop stop which turned into a virginity evaluation and possible request for sexual favours from Nigel by the ZRP officers. YIKES. In “about a week ago”, the trio talk about the Zimbabwean independence holiday and if it really means anything to the youthies of the teapot country. Or maybe its the youthies that are ungrateful? They rant about the Youth service program relaunch and try to see if can be saved. In an issue that is possibly stale news at this point is the leaked nudes from a popular Zim social media celeb… the culture of nudes and where its taking people. In the feeling station, the gents ask, “what do you bring to the table?” .. Yes, you… you reading this blurb