Episode 1 - Halos in Hell

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One of the most prominent aspects of this case has always been the religious narrative that Cecilia Steyn created. In this episode, host Nicole Engelbrecht, talks to various experts to drill down into the truth behind how religion was weaponized in this case.
3 Aug 2021 English South Africa True Crime · News

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Episode 2 – The Mind of a Killer

Sponsored Content: In most true-crime cases, the public wants to know why, but in this case the biggest question is: how? How did someone like Cecelia Steyn manage to so wholly manipulate these people into doing her bidding and committing murder. In this episode we discuss the psychology of the…
3 Aug 2021 1 hr 04 min

Episode 4 –The Aftermath

Sponsored content: There are 11 primary victims in this case and there are countless secondary victims. In this episode, we delve down into the impact on journalists and police officers. We also look at other cases that could be connected to Electus Per Deus.
3 Aug 2021 39 min

Episode 3 – Mother Dearest

Sponsored Content: One of the most shocking parts of this case is how Marinda Steyn betrayed the trusted role of a mother when she manipulated her children into killing. In this episode we discuss the relationship between Marinda and her children and chat to Marizka Coetzer who fell in love…
3 Aug 2021 47 min