The Current Affairs Show

We speak to Hafez Ebrahim Moosa on the lack of misguided passion among the youth. Why was there so much passion about the champions league and no interest in Al Aqsa?

We also speak to Fazel Essop and Mufti AK Hoosen on the permissibility of keeping a wild animal as a pet.
3 Jun 2022 9AM English South Africa Islam · Daily News

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Incursions intensify in Al Aqsa!

We speak to Moulana Ebrahim Moosa of the Palestinian Information Network for an update after a tense night in Al Aqsa Mosque as Zionist and right wing forces desacrated Islams third holiest site.
5 Apr 2023 9AM 29 min

Queen Elizabeth is dead.

Queen Elizabeth is dead - What legacy did she and the British leave in Islams third Holiest site? We speak to Palestinian Information Network's Hafez Ebrahim Moosa to see how deep this colonialism went
9 Sep 2022 9AM 32 min

The Current Affairs Show

What constitutes Al Aqsa Mosque? We speak to Palestinian Information Networks Hafez Ebrahim Moosa to learn about the second masjid in Islam.
10 Jun 2022 9AM 26 min