The Art of Making Art - Pilot

In the pilot episode of The Art of Making Art the host Luphelo, a second-year podcasting student from Rhodes University introduces the audience to the concept of the podcast. As well as the features highlighted in the episode mainly a voxpop complied by her tutor group of clichéd definitions art, a discussion between the team themselves about why they wanted and how they wanted to redefine art and an interview with an anonymous student about how art can be political in nature. The episode is a starting point to compare and contrast different views on art and how it can sometimes be used in ways that doesn’t uplift humanity. The primary way that this can be seen is between the voxpop that was used and the discussion between the team. As the team ends up contradicting many of the statements made in the earlier voxpop. So, the pilot episode of The Art of Making Art was a jumping off point to show its audience what direction the podcast wanted to take and how they were tackling the topic of redefining art as a whole.
6 Jun 2022 English South Africa Education · How To

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