The everlasting good news P1.

Pastor Jimmy Dube is talking about The everlasting good news. He is reading from the book of Revelations 14:6-7. He focuses on God's judgment that we need to serve only God alone who Has created the heavens and the earth.
31 Aug 2022 6AM Xhosa South Africa Christianity · Christianity

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The Lord is my shepherd

Pastor Sylvester Makhuvele speaks about "The Lord is my shepherd." The Lord is our protector, He's not afraid of any challenge or situation you are facing. Psalms 23
27 Sep 5AM 18 min

Turnaround season 2

Pastor Bongani Moyo continues teaching about turnaround season. Jeremiah was sent to break the curse upon the Rekabite nation. Speak the word in your situation, it's able to change your circumstances. Jeremiah 35 : 1 - 10
20 Sep 8AM 21 min

God called us

Pastor Sylvester Makhuvele speaks about the power of God, by saving us and have called us. 2 Timothy 1 : 8 - 10 Genesis 12 : 1 - 3
27 Sep 5AM 18 min

God saved us

Pastor Sylvester Makhuvele speaks about God saved us. Paul says we shouldn't be afraid to speak about this gospel. 2 Timothy 1 : 8 - 9
27 Sep 4AM 19 min

At leaset there is hope for the tree #2

Job 14 : 7 - 9 Ezekiel 37 : 11 - 12 Job says even if the tree may be cut down, at least there's hope on a tree. Dr Mary Masina encourages us to stand on the hope, even if the situation has no hope. God told Ezekiel to…
7 Sep 6AM 18 min