The Business Report on Nova 1035 Ep 49

The Business Report on NOVA 1035, 10 November 2022

In this episode's Lead Story, Angie Scholtz speaks to the Presidential Economic Advisor for the Namibian Government and Hydrogen Commissioner James Mnyupe about Cop 27. David Bishop speaks to Eino Emvula about Transition Finance, Green Hydrogen and Investing in Namibia. In the Market Watch David speaks to Quinton Van Rooyen Junior the Deputy CEO of Trustco and he also speaks to Tiaan Bazuin, the CEO of NSX. Angie speaks to a local Ecologist, Dr. Peter Cuningham and David is joined by the Chief Empathy Officer and founder of Unchain People and Change Monique Landman Bovenkamp from the Netherlands, who will talk to us about the leadership perspective from the COP27 conference.