Building Up Your Husband

You have great influence in your husband's life. In your unique position, you can either tear him down, or build him up. Dr. Greg and Erin Smalley help you better understand your husband’s emotional needs, and they offer simple, practical ways you can strengthen your marriage.
16 Nov 2022 5PM English South Africa Society & Culture · Religion & Spirituality

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Blending Two Lives into One Flesh

When a man and woman get married, blending their two lives can often feel like a tornado! We’ll learn about the “merge of marriage” and why couples need to have a lot of patience, grace, and commitment, while avoiding blame and despair.
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Serving God in Our Culture

Most people don’t work for a church or ministry…so how can you glorify God through your work? Christian hip-hop artist Lecrae shares his passion for helping people glorify God in everything they do.
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Enjoying Marriage at Any Age

For a good time, call HOME! Pastor Ted Cunningham encourages couples to make a deliberate effort to have fun together, and to enjoy each day as husband and wife. Laugh along and be encouraged, as Ted shares stories from his own marriage.
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