These words increase a dog's heart rate by 50%

We all have our own ways that we talk to our pets but some words have more of an impact than others. According to Lindy's Stat Chat there's a phrase that can get a dog's heart rate up by at least 50%.
21 Nov 2022 2AM English South Africa Comedy Interviews

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My kid got hold of my phone

It's one thing to give your child a phone, but what happens when they get hold of yours?They do everything from messaging your boss, to spending thousands, and throwing it in the toilet.
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"I gave my 1 year old a phone"

You may remember a conversation around the topic of kids using phones and their safety. We got a call from a parent who gave her child a phone when she was just a year old. While a lot of people may have raised their eyebrows at the idea, apparently it…
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Iain Banner talks about next Africa's Green Economy Summit

Africa's Green Economy Summit, 21-23 February 2024 in Cape Town, South Africa, is a platform that unites the global investor community, project owners, and business executives, all under one roof with African governments, cities, and policy-makers. Founder of Go Green Africa and friend of the show Iain Banner popped in…
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Dear Mammie: Rick writes a letter to his dear late mother

Rick reflected on Valentine's Day and why it's sometimes a sore point for him. His late mom was always his first Valentine and his first love. Ryan suggested he write her a letter and Ricky was kind enough to share it with us today.
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Your stories that got your ex's name into Love Stinks

We know that Valentine's Day isn't the best time for a lot of people. Sometimes Valentine's Day reminds us of that ex that broke our heart. So we decided to give you the ultimate revenge. With a donation of R100 to the Cape of Good Hope SPCA we allowed you…
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