FTX Is The Worst Media Scandal EVER | Here's What They're Hiding!!

The FTX scandal is being covered up by mainstream media and Sam Bankman-Fried is even attending a WSJ event. What are we missing? And who is involved in the worst cover-up and media scandal in history? Join Cryptoman Ran in today's episode of Crypto Banter for the latest FTX news update!

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00:00 Show Summary & Intro
04:30 Crypto Market Update
05:49 Solana & Silvergate Bank
08:14 FED FOMC Minutes & NASDAQ
10:35 What Happened with Silvergate Bank?
16:35 Block One, EOS & Silvergate Bank
23:30 Sam Trabucco Interview on CoinDesk
25:50 FTX Scandal - SBF Speaking at DealBook Summit
28:48 FTX Scandal Explained - Media Puff Pieces
37:10 ClownBasket - Before the FTX Scandal
40:28 Why Being in Crypto Requires VPN
46:15 Crypto News Update Today
55:45 ByBit 10x Giveaway

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