Multiverses, the Big Bang and laws of physics

Physicist and science populariser Paul Davies talks to Naked Astronomy's Ben McAllister about some of the toughest questions cosmologist are grappling with: how did the Universe begin and how will it end, what provoked the Big Bang, and are we part of a "Multiverse"? The duo also take in Dark Matter, extraterrestrial beings, consciousness, free will and whether it exists, and the origins of life itself... Like this podcast? Please help us by supporting the Naked Scientists
11 Jan English United Kingdom Science

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Juice to Jupiter and forgotten space shuttles

European Space Agency Juice mission to Jupiter's Michele Dougherty talks about icy moons, magnetic fields and life elsewhere in the solar system, and the UK Space Agency's Caroline Harper discusses the Juice launch preparations in French Guiana. Also, the hidden history of Space Shuttle Enterprise: Eric Boehm at the Intrepid…
22 Mar 1 hr 03 min

Space Toilets and the New Guys

It's the burning question that every space fan wants to know...what's the toilet like in SpaceX's Dragon spacecraft? ESA astronaut Matthias Maurer reveals to Sue Nelson and Richard Hollingham what a mission in the Dragon is like - from business class seats and spacious interior, to privacy curtain and dramatic…
1 Mar 51 min

Talking about Time

Physicist and philosopher Sean Carrol talks to Naked Astronomy's Ben McAllister about the nature of time. Is it something truly fundamental to our Universe, or simply an illusion? Along the way they chat about space, relativity, the various ways to travel through time, and how that all relates to the…
1 Mar 23 min

Mike Massimino and Meet the Minister

Two big interviews this month: Sue Nelson and Richard Hollingham meet Hubble astronaut Mike Massimino and UK 'Space Minister' George Freeman MP. Mike chats about how he was inspired by Apollo, Artemis, Hubble and what he learned from astronaut legend John Young about going to the toilet on the Moon…
6 Feb 1 hr 10 min


Nasa's outgoing head of science, Thomas Zurbuchen talks about saving the James Webb Space Telescope, future missions to the Moon and Mars, and research into UFOs. The team also visit the Science Museum's sci-fi exhibition and talk to its curator, Glyn Morgan, about Aliens, Star Trek and AI. Plus, the…
21 Dec 2022 1 hour