Lindy takes Ilyaas to his first day of school

Lindy got to experience her very first school run. Her own child isn't old enough for school yet, but she did get to accompany little Ilyaas to his very first day of grade one. She was greeted with excitement, nerves, warm breakfast, school uniforms, and of course those oversized school bags.
18 Jan 2AM English South Africa Comedy Interviews

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The worst second hand sales you've seen

Smile Breakfast was curious about the worst 2nd hand items our listeners have seen for sale. False teeth is something that seemed to come up a lot. But we also heard about "vrot Birkenstocks", a used toilet, a dirty gas braai, and even a coffin.
30 Mar 5AM 2 min

Experts advise to not buy this item

Lindy gave thrift shoppers a run for their money with her Stat Chat this morning. Apparently there's an item that you should shy away from buying second hand.
30 Mar 4AM 1 min

He duped a scammer

Smile Breakfast had a conversation about scams. While South Africa seems to be a hotbed for cyber crime, sometimes the scammers get scammed too. That's exactly what one of our listeners did.
29 Mar 6AM 2 min