A grade one teacher with a big heart

Lindy accompanied Ilyaaz to his first day of school. We caught up with his teacher who will be there for all the grade ones. Sometimes we forget what a special person it takes to welcome all those little pupils and get them comfortable with the start the academic year.
18 Jan 3AM English South Africa Comedy Interviews

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He duped a scammer

Smile Breakfast had a conversation about scams. While South Africa seems to be a hotbed for cyber crime, sometimes the scammers get scammed too. That's exactly what one of our listeners did.
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South Africa is a hotbed for cyber crime

Smile Breakfast caught up with cyber security expert Grant Hughes who brought us up to speed with the latest scams and how we can avoid being victims.
29 Mar 6AM 5 min

A Lindy Lehto impostor!

Lindy had to address something you may have seen on Facebook. An impostor trying to get money from our listeners with a fake account.
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A.I. leaving Africa behind

Bobby caught up with Nick Bradshaw who is the found of AI Expo Africa. In the conversation we hear Nick's thoughts on Africa falling behind in the world of artificial intelligence.
28 Mar 7AM 1 min