Live Music with Alvara

Alvara, a local musician and guitar player came into studio and blessed us with some of her original songs.
20 Jan English Namibia News · Music

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We had Dr. Esther Kalambi-Matengu in studio with an informative chat on Hemophilia and the hemophilia foundation.
29 Mar 14 min

The Stolen moments

The stolen moments are a local band that have tracked Namibian music until colonial times and spoke to some of the veterans from back in the day that contributed to what we call "Namibian Music", here's one of the tracks they found.
21 Mar 3 min

The S.O.S Children's village

Quick chat with Today from the S.O.S children's village about a campaign the village is running called the "make a change", you could also make a change if you can donate…
15 Mar 7 min


Live chat with Didi, who was fortunate enough to be sent to Germany to study and work as a nurse.
15 Feb 5 min