An introduction to ESG in South Africa

ESG practices are becoming an important consideration for businesses across the globe.

RSM's Thilen Pillay chats to Belinda Careirra, Co-CEO of from Sustainable DNA, around the basics of ESG and how this currently impacts businesses from a South African perspective.
7 Feb English South Africa Business · Management

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The accounting of digital assets

As digital assets continue to develop, we are seeing more and more corporates utilising digital assets in their organisations. However, as it stands, the International Financial Reporting Standards are still unclear around their accounting treatment. RSM's Head of Information Systems, Thilen Pillay, chats to our Head of IFRS, Michael Steenkamp,…
18 Oct 2022 13 min

Tax on digital assets

The ease of accessibility, together with the simplicity in which digital assets can be traded globally, has presented a unique challenge to tax authorities throughout the world regarding recovery of taxes from these transactions. RSM Directors, Thilen Pillay and Ozeyr Ahmed, discuss the tax implications as they currently stand for…
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Disclosure of Directors' Remuneration

The disclosure of directors' remuneration is now a requirement of the Companies Act. The aim is to ensure that companies comply with the principles of transparency, accountability and integrity and maintain high standards of corporate governance. RSM Legal Director, Phillip Kruger, chats to Audit Director, Henk Heymans, about the key…
15 Jul 2022 15 min

South African tax rules for M&A and corporate restructures

For businesses to thrive, the ability to acquire, merge and re-organise a business is critical and inevitably, these transactions trigger tax implications for one or both entities concerned. In South Africa there are specific tax rules dealing with mergers & acquisitions and corporate restructuring. All of these are aimed to…
18 May 2022 32 min

Global trends in business innovation

Innovation is a buzz word that has been thrown around strategy sessions for years but the reality is that very few organisations are actually innovating. In this episode, we chat to RSM International's Global Chief Innovation Officer, Paul Herring, about the trends that he is currently seeing in business innovation.
28 Apr 2022 19 min