When do you no longer pay tax in South Africa?

Since March 2001, all South Africans have been legally required to declare and pay tax on their annual worldwide income, irrespective of where they live.
9 Feb 2023 English South Africa Investing · Business

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Is it harder to invest money offshore?

On 24 April 2023, seemingly out of the blue, SARS updated its "Manage Your Compliance Status” webpage and announced a “new enhanced” TCS application form. This meant that a South African who was wishing to invest more than R1 million offshore would have to follow the same financial audit process…
18 May 2023 18 min

Money moves for newly weds

In this podcast discussion personal finance expert Maya Fisher-French and Moroka Modiba, author of Think yourself Rich, discuss how a newly married couple should start managing their finances together.
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What to make of the 2023 national budget

In this podcast personal finance expert Maya Fisher-French and Thomas Lobban from Tax Consulting SA unpack the budget. What does it mean for South Africa’s debt levels and what does it mean for our taxes?
28 Feb 2023 24 min