GRIMEHOUSE is back with his signature bass-heavy sound and fresh new beats!

Not only do we have a brand new single, 'Silent and Grey, but we are also lucky to get a full album, “Rhapsody”.

Following the success of his previous albums and numerous chart-topping singles, GRIMEHOUSE is back with his signature bass-heavy sound and fresh new beats. ‘Rhapsody’ is a true reflection of Grimehouse’ growth and evolution over the years, showcasing a mix of his classic sounds and experimental tracks.

The album features collaborations with renowned artists, including Jack Parow, Ameen Harron, Sloani, Pascal & Pearce, New Hero, and Isaac Mutant to name a few. Fans can expect a mix of high-energy tracks and intricate sound design, all while staying true to Grimehouse’s unique style.

“I’m excited to finally release ‘Rhapsody’,” says Grimehouse. “This album is a culmination of years of hard work and experimentation, and I can’t wait for everyone to hear it. I’ve had the opportunity to work with some amazing artists in this project, and I’m thrilled with how it’s turned out”.

he joined Danny painter on a zoom to chat about the album and the single and Chat GPT!
17 Apr English South Africa Relationships · Self-Improvement

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