Vaguely News

B.S. Minister outlines his role
Pres Squirrel Rum & Cola says he won't be arresting Rusting President Volunteer Pudding
The Spaniel set to take over as coach of the Springboks
22 Apr 2023 English South Africa Comedy · News

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Vaguely News - 16 March

Minister Profit Golden launches SA Aero Foefie (SAAF) Finicky Balloon Guy announces internet tanker rollout President Squirrel Rum & Cola says everything is fine
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Vaguely News -10 February 2024

Prince Handy and Egg ‘n Sparkle feeling ignored Jacob Looter suspended from the Eina C 2024 What A State The Nation Is In
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Vaguely News - 27 January 2024

The ICJ, International Comedy Journal, rules for SA The U Betcha Ass (UBA) coming to SA Tom Schmooze confirms no Mission Impossible: Rainbow Nation
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Vaguely News - 20 January 2024

Freshly released inmate, Mr Husky Notorious, set to bounce across the country Hollywood star, Bored Gooney, chosen as new Wallabies coach Arnold Schwarzenegger detained
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Vaguely News - 13 January 2024

Finicky My Boobs Are Lala slams Russian genocide charge Pres Rum & Cola recommits to Eina C US Pres Joe Hiding names Abraham Lincoln as running mate
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