Finding Your Identity in Jesus Christ

There are times in life when we can feel scared and vulnerable. Author Susie Larson shares her testimony of how she grew from feeling “helpless” to “hopeful,” thanks to God’s divine intervention in her life.
8 May 2023 6PM English South Africa Society & Culture · Religion & Spirituality

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Does Living Together Help Or Hurt?

Living together before marriage—it’s a common practice today. So how can you as a parent navigate this sensitive issue with your young adult? Pastor Dave Gudgel unpacks how to discuss God’s design for marriage, as he addresses cohabitation with tact, persuasiveness, and most importantly, love.
18 Jul 6PM 25 min

Improve Yourself, Improve Your Relationships

The best thing you can do for your marriage is to get emotionally healthy! Dr. Les and Leslie Parrott reveal the hallmarks of emotional health—discovering you're profound significance to God, being unswervingly authentic, and giving yourself through love.
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Believing God’s Promises Despite Hard Circumstances

Sooner or later, life gets difficult. Then what do you do? Lisa Harper shares how the Lord brought her through a devastating set of circumstances, and how she discovered His blessings on the “other side of tragedy.”
16 Jul 6PM 25 min

God’s Good News for Your Life ( Part 2 of 2 )

Who do you most want to impress.....God, or the people around you? Comedian Ken Davis demonstrates the folly in trying to impress other people – with some unforgettable results!
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God’s Good News For Your Life ( Part 1 of 2 )

“You only go around once in life, so grab all the gusto you can.” You’ll hear how grabbing all the “gusto” that the world has to offer can often lead to tragic consequences – while God offers a much more fulfilling life.
14 Jul 6PM 25 min