Johannesburg aerialists say who's the better performer: Rob or Roz

In 2019, Alana and Cheree met for the first time and started experimenting with aerial doubles until lockdown forced them to take a break. After honing their skills and growing together, they won the SA Pole Sports Federation National Competition, where they qualified for the World Championships and in October 2022, with a lot of support and fundraising, they represented South Africa in Switzerland at the IPSF World Pole and Aerial Championships. There they won the world title for Artistic Aerial Hoop Doubles 18+. Now they have once again won the Nationals in May 2023 and are heading back to the World Championships in Poland to represent SA and defend their title! Take a listen as they share about what it takes to become a champion aerialist.
24 May English South Africa Entertainment News · Leisure

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