Making Waves of Good News

In a post-Christian culture, people need to hear the Good News more than ever. Pastor John Burke encourages you to create opportunities to reach others for Christ by building relationships and providing a judgment-free “come-as-you-are” learning space.
26 Sep 2023 6PM English South Africa Society & Culture · Religion & Spirituality

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Cultivating A Mentally Healthy Family

Parents worry about rising levels of anxiety and depression among children — but the best way to protect your kids is by connecting with them on a regular basis! How encouragement, good communication, and spiritual habits can offset mental problems!
23 Jul 6PM 25 min

Finding Peace in Your Everyday Life

When life gets busy, thankfulness, kindness and mercy can be overlooked! Kay Wyma invites you to try “The Peace Project” — a 30-day experiment to bring godly virtues into your life instead of anger, fear, and entitlement.
22 Jul 6PM 26 min

Learning to Live Out God’s Call on Your Life

Did you know that God uses ordinary people like you to do extraordinary things? Pastor Jeff Simmons shares insights about living a joyful and fulfilling life by embracing God’s calling. He’ll encourage you to invest your time and money wisely, with your focus on God and others instead of yourself.
21 Jul 6PM 25 min

Does Living Together Help Or Hurt?

Living together before marriage—it’s a common practice today. So how can you as a parent navigate this sensitive issue with your young adult? Pastor Dave Gudgel unpacks how to discuss God’s design for marriage, as he addresses cohabitation with tact, persuasiveness, and most importantly, love.
18 Jul 6PM 25 min

Improve Yourself, Improve Your Relationships

The best thing you can do for your marriage is to get emotionally healthy! Dr. Les and Leslie Parrott reveal the hallmarks of emotional health—discovering you're profound significance to God, being unswervingly authentic, and giving yourself through love.
17 Jul 6PM 25 min