Meet Jairus - Great father

Luke 8 : 40 - 56 When faced with trials in our lives like Jairus, we must act in faith like he did. Pastor Sello Masingi says we should not fear but only believe and go to Christ, and all will be well. Faith in Christ is always the answer. Jesus healed the daughter of the greatest father.
1 Sep 2023 4AM English South Africa Christianity · Christianity

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Christ fourfold work

Pastor Sello Masingi is talking about Christ as our wisdom, guides us in our decision and understanding of truth. Christ as our righteousness is important to us, making us acceptable to God. Christ is also our sanctification, setting us apart to God's purpose and making us holy. Christ as our…
18 Jul 8AM 7 min

The armor of God #17

We are continuing our series on the Armor of God, as Pastor Sizwe Zuma delves into the significance of the Rhema word, the prophetic word. This timely and relevant message speaks directly to the specific situations in your life.
17 Jul 3AM 10 min

The armor of God #16

Pastor Sizwe Zuma teaches about the written Word, focusing on how we, as children of God, fight our battles using it. He explains the different types of the Word: "Logos," which refers to the expression of God's Word in written form, and "Rhema," which signifies a specific, spoken Word of…
17 Jul 3AM 10 min

The armor of God #15

Pastor Sizwe Zuma continues his teaching on the armor of God, focusing specifically on the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God. But who exactly is the Word? Ephesians 6:17 refers to the word of God as a crucial part of our spiritual armor. To truly understand…
17 Jul 3AM 10 min

The armor of God #14

Pastor Sizwe Zuma teaches about the armor of God, still focusing on the shield of faith. The shield of faith is the one aspect/instrument in the armor that covers all other parts of the armor, it covers you holistically. Without the shield of faith, you are exposed, all other parts…
6 Jun 8AM 10 min