NSBC The Big Business Show: Alan Shannon of Nedbank

Radio Pulpit is a media partner with NSBC (National Small Business Chamber) of South Africa. We met many people at the event and Ayanda Nenemba managed to talk to Alan Shannon who is an Executive Small business and private client in Nedbank. They are looking at the value of Nedbank to be part of SMMEs and how these businesses can get solutions for their businesses.
12 Sep 8AM English South Africa Christianity · Christianity

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Property - Lease Agreement

What is lease of agreement? What does that mean to me if I have a property? Mpho Putini is talking to Lithaletho Mtshabi about Property - Lease Agreement
7 Dec 7AM 16 min

Road Safety

Mpho Putini is talking to Mokebe Thulo who is head of Brand Aware.Org about Road Safety. They are looking at what is Aware.org, its mission and vision, its value to the communities or nation at large, and how does this link to road safety.
7 Dec 5AM 16 min

How voting contributes to building a stronger community

Ayanda Nenemba and Thompson Mashakeni talks to Mr. Ntlailane from IEC about Building one another by voting. They are looking at what is the progress of voting register and way forward from here as we build each other by voting.
7 Dec 3AM 22 min

Building one another in love

Ayanda Nenemba and Thompson Mashakeni talks to Sthembile Mere about Building one another in love. They are looking at what is love, how to build with love, what must one build, and what does the scripture say about this issue.
7 Dec 3AM 20 min