Bible Study Methods P3.

Professor Ntintili talks about Bible Study Methods. He is looking at how we can study the Bible better and which methods or ways to use it for a better understanding of the scriptures.
12 Sep 9AM English South Africa Christianity · Christianity

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Sibongile Mofokeng is talking to Pastor Gladwell Zabane about Relationships. They are looking at breakups and social media. They are looking at causes, and how to heal even after bleeding marriages.
11 Dec 8AM 40 min

Hate Speech Bill

National Assembly received the hate speech bill report and all final amendments have been made and adopted. This bill is heading to the President so he can sign it into law. To get more clarity about this issue, Sibongile Mofokeng is talking to Pastor Lukas Nkosi as they delve deeper…
11 Dec 7AM 38 min

Basadi Ba Moshito Foundation

Sibongile Mofokeng is talking to Harmony Malope from Basadi Ba Moshito Foundation about Basadi Ba Moshito. They are looking at what is the Foundation all about, its mission, and vision, and its value to women. They focus more on women, upskilling women, women empowerment, survivors of GBV, and how they…
11 Dec 7AM 35 min

Making a difference with what you have.

Mpho Putini is talking to Pastor Thabang Mofokeng about Making a difference with what you have. They are looking at which ways you can make a difference, where, and why that difference.
11 Dec 6AM 25 min

Supporting your child during this festive times.

Have you been anxious? Stressed? Feel like you are going down into depression? Now is the time you hold your child closer to you. Mpho Putini is talking to Glodia Monyai who is an Educational Psychologist about Supporting your child during these times. They are looking at reflecting on the…
11 Dec 6AM 10 min