Pre-Election “Plunder’s Spree of Note” - with Wayne Duvenhage

There is a "plunder’s spree of note” by government officials to “make as much money as they can” before next year’s national elections. That is the charge from OUTA’s Wayne Duvenhage who speaks to BizNews after a Special Investigation Unit (SIU) report to Parliament has laid bare a “mind-blowing horror story” of looting that brought South African Airways (SAA) to its knees. Duvenhage says, with Anti-Corruption Week coming up there has been a lot of rhetoric from President Cyril Ramaphosa. However, “it might be some of his lackeys and his cronies and his cabinet ministers or senior people in the political structures that are implicated and that might have to go to jail, which is why we think that there's this reluctance to really get down to doing the hard yards here….He’s very weak, I'm afraid.”
23 Nov 2023 7AM English South Africa Investing · Business News

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