Podcast: French rooster revival, thrifting, reporter Albert Londres

The man trying to save France's emblematic Gaulois doré rooster from oblivion. How online platforms are rivaling charity shops as thrifting and second hand products take off. And the story of Albert Londres, who left a lasting mark on French journalism. Since the Middle Ages, the Gallic rooster has been a leading symbol of French identity – found on everything from coins to sports jerseys to church weathervanes and Made in France products. But the breed of chicken itself, la Gauloise Dorée, has been abandoned in favour of those with higher productivity. Convinced this ancient, feisty and elegant rooster is part of French heritage, Damien Vidart set up the Conservatoire du coq gaulois in 2021 to make sure the breed is not only preserved, but thrives. His hard work is already paying off. (Listen @0')The secondhand market is booming in France, as taboos against buying and wearing used clothes fade. Online platforms like Vinted have made it easier to sell and buy, but they have impacted traditional charity shops, like Emmaus, which has a large network of thrift stores in France and uses the income for back-to-work schemes. Researcher Eva Cerio, of IAE Angers, talks about the appeal of consuming sustainably and the downside of making some extra money through the secondhand market. (Listen @17'30'')On the eve of the the 90th Albert Londres journalism prize, a look at the man considered one of the founders of investigative journalism in France, who continues to inspire journalists today. (Listen @12'35'')Episode mixed by Donatien Cahu.Spotlight on France is a podcast from Radio France International. Find us on rfienglish.com, Apple podcasts (link here), Spotify (link here) or your favourite podcast app (pod.link/1573769878).
23 Nov 2023 English France News

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