IAN CAMERON gets justice for Liezel de Jager

The alleged killer of Pastor Liezel de Jager has been arrested - after an epic two-year battle by Action Society. In this interview with BizNews, Ian Cameron of Action Society says he had “never, ever, ever struggled so much to get an arrest for something like this”. That battle involved 200 inquiries or communiques to the SAPS, as well as a court application to force the police to appoint a competent investigation team. Cameron has high praise for the Cold Case Squad that took over the investigation. “…I must say, they did more work in less than two weeks…than the original investigator did in two years. And I must really commend them. It really makes me proud to still see that we've got South African Police Service members of this calibre.” The suspect was taken into custody in Bloemfontein on Thursday morning last week and questioned. On Saturday the SAPS officially confirmed to Action Society that he had been charged with murder and that he will be appearing in court in KZN tomorrow (Monday).
26 Nov 2023 5AM English South Africa Investing · Business News

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