How voting contributes to building a stronger community

Ayanda Nenemba and Thompson Mashakeni talks to Mr. Ntlailane from IEC about Building one another by voting. They are looking at what is the progress of voting register and way forward from here as we build each other by voting.
7 Dec 2023 3AM English South Africa Christianity · Christianity

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Look what the Lord has done.

Sibongile Mofokeng is talking to Pastor Angy Camposreal about Look what the Lord has done. They are looking at How a Close to death Experience Affected Her Mental Health. Now she is the living testimony.
1 Mar 6AM 39 min

The Office Of Tax Ombudsman.

Ayanda Nenemba talks to Mr. Francois Viljoen from the office of The Tax Ombuds. They look into any question related to tax by taxpayers since their mandate is to review and address any complaint by a taxpayer regarding a service matter or a procedural or administrative matter arising from the…
29 Feb 7AM 41 min

Grief P1.

How does grief impact individuals, and what coping mechanisms and support systems can help people navigate the grieving process, fostering healing and resilience in the face of loss? Ayanda Nenemba talks to Mr. Dlamini about Grief. They even focus on types of grief, and stress ways on how to go…
29 Feb 6AM 38 min

The Same Message on a different platform.

How does delivering the same message on different platforms enhance its reach and impact, and what strategies can individuals and organizations employ to effectively adapt and disseminate their message across various mediums, fostering broader engagement and understanding? Ayanda Nenemba talks to Pastor VTJ Masakona about The Same Message on a…
28 Feb 8AM 35 min

Turning your draft into a manuscript.

Ayanda Nenemba talks to Pastor Tladi about Turning your draft into a manuscript. They are looking at drafts and manuscripts, and how to turn your draft into a manuscript so it can be accepted by the publisher.
28 Feb 8AM 23 min