Family medicine, and sports physician.

Ayanda Nenemba talks to Dr. Matime Diale who is a General practitioner in private practice. They are looking at health issues and focusing on Family medicine, and sports physician.
1 Feb English South Africa Christianity · Society & Culture

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Comrades Marathon.

Ayanda Nenemba talks to Delaine Cools who is a Marketing and Communications Manager at Comrades Marathons, enriching the experience and making it count, about Comrades Marathon. They are looking at what is Comrades Marathon, when was it established, how long is the race, what does it take for anyone to…
12 Apr 20 min


Ayanda Nenemba talks to Dr. Abrey De Bruyn about Endometriosis. They are looking at What are the symptoms, causes, and treatment options for endometriosis, a condition where tissue similar to the lining of the uterus grows outside of the uterus, often causing pain and infertility? How does endometriosis impact the…
12 Apr 24 min

The Principles of Marriage.

Ayanda Nenemba is talking to Unathi Mtoninji about The Principles of Marriage. They are looking at his book which he wrote The two shall be one, and focusing on marriage through the eyes of Christ!
12 Apr 27 min

Church Visits Feedback.

Ayanda Nenemeba is talking to Bahle Nhlapo and Enicca Mantlhwa about Church Visits Feedback. They are looking at what happened at the churches they visited during this time and how was the reception and what are other events coming until the end of Easter.
12 Apr 14 min

Church Governance P2.

Is church governance predominantly centered around maintaining order? How does the emphasis on order shape decision-making and leadership within religious institutions? Ayanda Nenemba talks to Mr. Sandile Swana about Church Governance and they are focusing and continue to deal with the issue of Order.
12 Apr 28 min