Moeletsi Mbeki foresees another five years of ANC’s five deadly sins

If the polls are correct, the ANC faces the possibility of losing its majority in South Africa’s national elections on the 29th of May this year. So, what went wrong for Nelson Mandela’s once proud political movement? Businessman and independent political analyst, Moeletsi Mbeki has identified five deadly sins that have contributed to the ANC’s downfall and the country’s current issues. In an interview with Biznews, Mbeki highlights the policies of Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (BBBEE) and the ANC’s decision to cultivate a middle class through public service employment and affirmative action, rather than fostering entrepreneurship. He notes that these employees are among the highest-paid civil servants in the world. Mbeki also criticises the ANC’s decision to retain state-owned enterprises instead of privatising them, citing the success of privatised company SASOL. The fourth and fifth sins, according to Mbeki, are the government’s policy failures in Zimbabwe and Mozambique and the removal of military control over South Africa’s land borders, leaving the country vulnerable. He poses the question: Who can prevent Islamist rebels from entering South Africa and planting landmines? President Ramaphosa, Mbeki said, has repeatedly made it clear that he is sticking to these policies and the ANC is not planning to change course. As a result, public support for the ANC is waning due to these “five deadly sins.” Mbeki forecasts that whatever government is produced by the coming election, the ANC will remain central to it. This means he said, “We will continue with this stagnation we are sitting with. Whoever is in coalition with the ANC will have to live with that.”
21 Feb 10AM English South Africa Investing · Business News

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