Pastor's Wives P2.

Ayanda Nenemba talks to Mrs. Gloria Jezile from Altar Ministries about Pastor's Wives. They are looking at the Pastor's wife as a helper, and focusing on her role as a helper to her husband as he leads the church, and that you are there not to compete with him.
23 Feb English South Africa Christianity · Society & Culture

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Freedom Festival.

Dr. Ray Legodi is talking to Dr. Martin Slabert Philadelphia and Ds Fritz Snyman about Freedom Festival. They are looking at what is Freedom Festival, why this festival, what is the aim of this festival, and that is we will be held on the 27th of April 2024.
19 Apr 13 min

Governance in the church - Accountability.

Dr. Ray Legodi is talking to Mr. Sandile Swana about Governance in the church. He is looking at Accountability in the church focusing on How is accountability practiced within the church community, and what role does it play in fostering spiritual growth, integrity, and mutual support among members? How can…
16 Apr 19 min


Ayanda Nenemba talks to Dr. Matime Diale about Age. They are dealing with What the various perspectives on age are, and how does society's perception of age influence individuals' experiences and opportunities throughout their lives? How do different cultures and generations view the aging process, and what impact does this…
15 Apr 31 min

The Changes Of Clouds on Monday the 08th of April 2024.

Ayanda Nenemba talks to Sankelisiwe Thwala from South African Weather Services about Eclipse - The Changes Of Clouds on Monday the 08th of April 2024. They are discussion the patterns and layers of clouds that were seen in the sky on Monday of the 08th, and what does that mean.
15 Apr 15 min


Ayanda Nenemba talks to Mpho Mokou a business woman about Sisterhood. They are looking at what defines sisterhood, and how does it differ from other forms of friendship or companionship? How do shared experiences, mutual support, and understanding contribute to the bond between sisters, whether biological or chosen? In what…
15 Apr 25 min