Millions lost by 150 investors who clicked on a deep fake “Elon Musk” ad…

One hundred and fifty (150) victims have come forward to report losses of millions of rands - after clicking on a deep-fake ad featuring Elon Musk. This after Advocate Petra van Niekerk blew the whistle in a recent interview with BizNews. She is now representing many of the victims - after she herself lost her life savings.  In this second interview, she reveals that one unlucky investor had lost R5,5-million. She relates the devastating impact on the victims, one of whom tried to kill herself after losing all her money. She also gives an update on the legal fight back, and has wise words of comfort for those who feel ashamed and embarrassed.
26 Feb 5AM English South Africa Investing · Business News

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Urgent “federal push” needed to save SA - David Ansara

Regardless of the outcome of the 29 May 2024 Election, a “federal push is going to be more and more urgent”. So says David Ansara, the CEO of the Free Market Foundation (FMF) . Speaking to BizNews after the launch of the FMF’s campaign for Home Rule, he points out…
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