Garbage In, Garbage Out

Camilla Bath, a journalist with 20 years’ experience, joins the team to chat about bias and objectivity in a world that’s heavily reliant on news. Camilla touches on the importance of knowing your sources, and how AI generators are “hugely skewed to a Western perspective.”
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29 Feb English South Africa Politics · Government

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Are there any concrete plans to truly save South Africa? Jack Motlanthe is joined by authors Chris Papas and Sandile Mnikathi. Their book, Saving South Africa, chronicles how they have governed as mayor and deputy mayor of uMngeni municipality. They also explain exactly how they plan to bring about change,…
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Save our souls

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Decentralised visions

Do South Africans truly have autonomy? Gareth and Jack are joined by the leaders of OHM (Organic Humanity Movement), Lauren Evanthia and Matthew Pienaar. The two explain how their over-arching aim is to protect and preserve individual liberty and humanity by instituting what they call a better form of democracy…
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Democracy 101 : Perspective pulse

Can you make heads or tails of all the political messaging in the lead up to the elections? To clear up some of the noise surrounding the election, Gareth and Jack are joined by journalist and tv presenter, Lourensa Eckard. The 3 of them navigate the political landscape with Lourensa…
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