Why do we want to scratch our wounds?

Chris Smith answers science questions from the public. Does the rate of nail growth differ between men and women? What are the advantages of a nose swab over a mouth swab? What could improve the connectivity of my remote? Accounting for the rotation of Earth, does a plane flying from London to Cape Town fly in a straight line? How does a colour printer work? Like this podcast? Please help us by supporting the Naked Scientists
15 Mar English United Kingdom Science

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Is there a cure for OCD?

Chris Smith covers another cast of interesting queries submitted by listeners. They include: Why do we have accents? Is there such a thing as the "devil's hour?" What is acid reflux? Is there such a thing as race? If you had unfettered access to the James Webb Space Telescope, what…
17 May 24 min

Do fish drink water?

Dr Chris takes on listener questions: how long can someone survive without food and water? Why are some of us more prone to hangovers? Do gorillas drink water? Does spicy food cause vivid dreams? What causes insomnia? Like this podcast? Please help us by supporting the Naked Scientists
10 May 20 min

Is the '10,000 hours rule' accurate?

In this week's selection of science questions, Dr Chris explains the impact of sweetners on the body, what happens when we suffer a stroke, and where the other half of the moon disappears to... Like this podcast? Please help us by supporting the Naked Scientists
3 May 17 min

How does cloud seeding work?

Why are viruses so contagious? Are there any treatments for macular degeneration? How are we treating depression with psychedelics? Why do people lose their sense of smell? Is cloud seeding a real thing? Dr Chris Smith and Relebogile Mabotja have all the answers... Like this podcast? Please help us by…
25 Apr 14 min

Why do we dream the things we dream?

Is our perfect total eclipse just a total coincidence? Where do our dreams come from? Can you launch a missile without it being picked up by satellites? Which animals have the best memory? Do humans have any instincts? Can gravity be 1g on a planet with a greater mass than…
18 Apr 20 min