Will eating sugary foods last avert glucose spikes?

Steve has written in to us to ask whether the order in which one eats their food makes a difference to whether or not they experience glucose spikes. We thought this was an interesting question for Cambridge Professor Giles Yeo to sink his teeth into... Like this podcast? Please help us by supporting the Naked Scientists
5 Apr English United Kingdom Science

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Why does some plastic lose its flexibility over time?

Jimmie sends in this week's question, seeking an answer as to why plastic loses its flexibility. James Tytko took on the question with the help of Chemistry World's Phillip Broadwith... Like this podcast? Please help us by supporting the Naked Scientists
10 May 7 min

Could we make ourselves disgusting to mosquitoes?

Thanks to Professor Heather Graham for the answer!This episode of Question of the Week, listener Donald asks:"Assuming mosquitoes have taste buds, then they should have adverse tastes. Have molecular scientists explored how to make or find chemicals that make mosquitoes disgusted?"Will - As someone who's about to head off to…
2 May 4 min

Can a "random" action ever be exactly replicated?

This week's Question of the Week comes in from listener David, who asks:'On the show 'Tipping Point', Often at the end they play out the final three counters as 'What would have happened.' Would the result actually be what would have happened?Thanks to Tony Padilla for the answer! Like this…
25 Apr 4 min