From Soweto to the World Stage: How Chef Wandile cooked his way to the top

Chef Wandile Mabaso's hard shifts in the kitchen have taken him from coveted restaurants in the USA and France to cooking for world leaders in South Africa. Not bad for a man from Soweto whose peers once laughed at him taking cooking classes! Chef Wandile shares his recipe for success with Nozibele Qamngana-Mayaba on what it takes to be part of the 1% that makes it. We're in for a tasty episode!

00:00 The Grit Behind Success: Chef Wandile's Journey
01:03 Introducing Chef Wandile: A Culinary Star
01:29 The Snack Segment: A Surprising Choice
02:17 Breaking Stereotypes: Becoming a Chef Against Odds
04:22 Dreaming Big: From Soweto to Global Culinary Stages
07:17 Name Dropping: Cooking for Celebrities and World Leaders
10:47 Overcoming Challenges: The Hardships Behind the Glamour
14:49 Returning Home: Bringing Global Experience to South Africa
16:11 Rapid Fire Questions: Getting Personal with Chef Wandile
16:55 Exploring Culinary Skills and Presidential Preferences
17:15 A Call to the Finance Minister: A Culinary Intervention
17:49 The Basics Before the Challenge: Cooking Lessons
18:32 Guilty Pleasures and Underrated Ingredients
19:47 Advice for Aspiring Chefs: Patience, Vision, and Grit
22:29 Navigating Challenges and Embracing the Journey
24:40 The Power of Skills and Strategic Planning
28:03 Nostalgia and Comfort: The Story Behind McDonald's Chips
30:12 Reflecting on the Journey and Looking Ahead
10 Apr English South Africa Society & Culture · Personal Journals

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