John Graham - a school with a rich history and bright future

We kicked off our 2nd school term tour at John Graham Primary Primary in Plumstead. The school has been around for 106 years. The Principal Mr Andre Engel says they strive to develop responsible citizens and have a strong sense of community.
12 Apr 7AM English South Africa Comedy Interviews

Other recent episodes

Astra Centre - a safe space of hope for those who need a second chance

Astra Centre is a Sheltered Employment Centre NPO in Cape Town, where they provide employment for adults with intellectual and/or mental illness. They also provide supported accommodation and have 3 group homes. Executive director of the centre Mandy Edison told us more about the work they do.
22 May 8AM 5 min

Some controversial tea opinions

It's International Tea Day and it seems like those who enjoy a hot cup of their favourite beverage face some controversial opinions by those who prefer coffee.
21 May 4AM 3 min

Asking someone to the matric ball on radio

Matric dances at some schools are around the corner and you might hear about a few youngsters finding creative ways to ask someone out to their dance. One such youngster was Benjamin who got in touch with Ryan to help him out.
20 May 6AM 4 min

Success vs Ricky - the breakfast election

With national elections on our doorstep, Ryan decided to ask for your votes in our very own breakfast election. It's Success vs Ricky. Here's what went down this morning.
13 May 5AM 6 min

Shaun Campher cracks Ryan's R50 000 Noise

Just over two months - that's how long we've waiting to hear what Ryan's R50 000 noise is. After a few clues and nudges in the right direction that Ryan gave over the last few weeks, Shaun Campher correctly identified the noise as spectacles being taken out of its case.
9 May 2AM 2 min