Market Watch - 16 April

Michelle speaks to Theo Klein from Oxford Economics Africa on global expectations regarding inflation and its effect on the local Namibian economy.
15 Apr English Namibia Business · Business News

Other recent episodes

The Alexforbes Lead Story - 23 May

Maggie speaks to Anna Müller, the Co-Director of the Namibia Housing Action Group on the Shack Dwellers Federation’s informal settlement upgrading through Standard Bank Namibia’s buy-a-brick program.
23 May 11 min

Ghost Biz - 22 May

Gary speaks to The Ghost about Astral Foods & the chicken industry in SA, Famous Brands, Adcorp, as well as Naspers and its invenstments in Chinese company Tencent.
22 May 9 min

Market Watch - 21 May

In the Market Watch: Michelle continues the discussion with economist Ruusa Nandago on the current effects of global inflation and her outlook on the topic.
21 May 8 min